Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in my makeup bag?

My Daily Use Products

Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you another look at products that get love from me almost daily. Want to see more? Keep reading -->

I have recently downsized my collection a good bit in preparation for my upcoming move. Its just not easy to transport a large makeup collection across the country. I have my palettes and a small three drawer organizer left of makeup that does not get love every day. The rest is kept in two makeup bags and a small desk organizer on my table.

The reason I haven't elminiated everything that I don't use daily is I just cannot part with my lipsticks or eyeshadows, I love them too much. I cannot part with my Kat Von D palettes because I collect them. Let's just face it, the blush is basically here to stay. I've become a bit of a blush ho0r and I am not ashamed of it. Anywho, on to the daily products:

This is the small drawer in the middle of my desk organizer that holds a majority of my *ahem* "daily" products. (Yea.. there are 5 lip butters, 4 full sized lipsticks and 6 mini lipsticks in there LOL) The foundation products I rotate regularly fit very nicely in this drawer, so it is their permenant home.

The products living in this drawer are Maybelline Dream Smooth, Matte and Liquid Mousse foundations. (I will be doing a comparison of the three later) The other two things in here are my Laura Mercier Undercover Pot and bareMinerals' Mineral Veil. I cycle between the foundations, all three do get used every week. The concealer is just the one I'm using at the moment (I only own two now!) and I switch between the Mineral Veil and the loose powder in the Undercover Pot to set my foundation with.

In the bag of face products I reach for all the time we have a couple little gems that I love. There's the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and foundation primer I got in a set from Sephora. Mac MSFN, Benefit's Erase Paste, Palladio rice papers, Too Faced's Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and two Laura Mercier concealer brushes that came in a kit with the other LM stuff I have.

I haven't been using the TM much lately because its running out and I need a new one, the primer is the only one I have now. I have been using that mini Erase Paste for around a year now and there is still a TON of product in it. I don't think one ever needs to purchase a full sized erase paste as long as Benefit keeps turning out the "sample" sets at Sephora. MSFN has long been my HG powder foundation, but I recently heard that Mac has discontinued my shade. I will be very angry if that is true, I hope they're just renaming like they did with some other shades. The rice papers, I don't really like them much. I'm just trying to use them up. They do their job, but I keep getting the powder from the paper all over me. The Milk Chocolate bronzer, Too Faced's latest bronzing product, is a god send. I have been searching for one that works for me for ages and this one actually does! The brushes are decent, seems LM knows what they're doing.

Now, the lip and eye bag is a bit of a hodge podge of frequently used things.

This little bag holds my Rosebud Salve, Vaseline lip therapy, Creamscicle Lip Butter, Benefit They're Real mascara, two lip pencils from Sonia Kashuk and Too Faced, three eye liners from Lancome, Clinique and Stila, clear mascara, a blending brush, a brow brush, an eye primer, an eye base from Mac, a travel lip brush from SK and my eyebrow kit.

The lip butter I frequently use as a lipstick base to mute out some of my natural lip color. It works alright. I decanted some of my painterly paint pot into a sample jar so its easier to transport. The lip liners are a clear one and one in the same color as my lips. The eye liners are a black(Lancome), brown(Clinique) and flesh tone(Stila Topaz). Clear mascara and eyebrow kit are both from Elf and are staples for me. The blending brush is the free gift from Sigma, a travel sized E25. The brow brush is from my KVD set, it works great. The primer is the Elf $1 one, I'm still unsure on how well it works.

Thanks for reading :)

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