Friday, May 25, 2012

Brush Comparison: Blending Brushes

Brush Comparison - Blending Brushes

Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you a comparison of three blending brushes. Want to see more? Keep reading -->

They say that the brushes make the difference in your makeup application, most especially the eye makeup. I have to agree whole-heartedly. A blending brush can make a huge difference in your eye makeup, and the right blending brush will make an even bigger impact.

I am going to compare my three favorite fluffy blending brushes for you today. These brushes are the Mac 222 (discontinued), Mac 224 and the Sigma E40. I feel these are three fairly popular brushes, two of them are very easy to get your hands on.

The Mac 222 is significantly harder to get your hands on than the other two, you will have to rely on Ebay(I don't recommend this) and swapping through a makeup swapping site to get ahold of this brush. Blog sales may also be a viable option.

The Mac 224 is a permanent brush and available at counters, stores, pro stores and online through The 224 brush retails for $30.00.

The Sigma brush is a little harder to get than the Mac 224 as you have to order it online. It is available at and retails for $11.00. It is the cheapest of the three. The one I own is from the Mr. Bunny essentials set, so it is the synthetic version of the brush and from what I hear, a much softer version.

The Mac 22 has the smallest "head", or set of hairs, out of the three. It is not as tapered as the others, nor is it as fluffy. The hairs hold a fairly uniform shape from ferrule to tip where they dome out. It does an excellent job of blending your crease colors. I believe this brush is made of goat hairs.

Next is the Mac 224. This one is much fluffier and more tapered than the 222 and is better suited for someone with more lidspace. I have a little more difficulty blending with this brush than with the 222, the application is not quite as smooth. I hear some like to use this brush for concealer.

Slightly fluffier than the 224, is the Sigma E40. This brush is fully synthetic and retains its softness even after dozens of washes. For me, this brush performs much better than the 224, but does fall short of the 222. It does feel wonderful on your eyes though, and is not scratchy in the least.

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