Friday, April 13, 2012

Small Sephora Haul


Today on The Lovely Nerds I am bringing you a rather small Sephora Haul. Want to see more? Keep reading -->

I attended a Sephora grand opening with my friend Kaela from La.Loves.Makeup. The first 200 people in line at the opening got a Sephora gift card ranging from 10.00 to 2000.00. Both of us were given $25.00 gift cards. It's no 2000, but free money is free money and I was happy to receive it. I am on a makeup no buy/low buy until after I move back home in August. So my haul is only what I could get with that 25.00 gc.

The first thing I went for in the store is a product I have heard many raves for online, Shiseido Facial Cotton. Now, like most people, when I first read the raves I thought "it's just a cotton pad for your face, it can't be any more special than the cheap ones at walmart." Well, I was wrong. These are amazing. They are a bit expensive for a facial cotton at $9.50 a pack. These cotton pads are so soft, plus you can actually peel them in half and get double the uses out of them. They are great, I truly believe that once you try the Shiseido Facial Cotton, you won't go back (unless you have to).

I also picked up this little kit. The Minimergency Kit. I have been staring at this online for well over a year and for some reason never pulled the trigger. It's great. It comes with a whole lot of little goodies in it for $13.00. (Review of this coming up with complete product listing.) This is available at Sephora and on the Ms&Mrs website. 

The only other thing I picked up was the current 500pt perk, a BareMinerals try it kit. It came with an eye primer, mascara, lipgloss and the mineral veil. I will also post a review on this soon.

Thanks for reading :)

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